Returning Owens CCP Student

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to confirm eligibility to participate. If acceptance requires a letter of recommendation, you must use the form found at this link.
  2. Meet with your high school guidance counselor to complete the CCP Authorization Form , which includes sending your official school transcript. (Homeschool students must have their form completed by their grading authority.)
  3. If you are not a public school student, please complete and sign the Parent Signature Form, scan and email it to either or .
  4. All Owens students, including CCP, are eligible to register for courses where the pre-requisite has been met.  Course availability is first-come, first-serve; therefore, it is highly encouraged to schedule a CCP advising appointment early on in the registration process. CCP students cannot register on their own.

    Option 1: If you are planning on taking classes at your high school to obtain college credit, you do NOT need to meet with a CCP academic advisor to schedule your classes. Your high school counselor will take care of registering you for the course.
    Option 2: If you are taking classes online with Owens or at an Owens campus, you NEED to meet with a CCP academic advisor to get registered.

    • If you know exactly what you want to register for, please email your CCP Advisor (please include your OCID or Owens ID Number).  For the Toledo-area and Findlay-area Campus, email: or .
    • If you do NOT know exactly what you want to register for, click here to request an appointment online
      (a picture ID is required to sign-in for the appointment).
  5. Take your completed Owens schedule to your school counselor for approval.