Web Preparation Course

(Web Prep Course)

What is the Web Prep Course?

The Web Prep Course is a free online course in the Owens Community College Blackboard system that can help students prepare to participate in online or hybrid classes, discover their strengths and weaknesses as online students and learn about the Blackboard environment.

How do I access the Web Prep Course?

Students can self-enroll by logging into the Blackboard My Campus page at https://blackboard.owens.edu

Is the Web Prep Course required?

No, but strongly recommended if you are taking an Owens online or hybrid class for the first time.

How long will it take me to complete the Web Prep Course?

If you read all materials and participate in all activities, we estimate it will take between 30 minutes and 1.5 hrs.

Will this affect my Grade Point Average?

No, the Web Prep Course will not be recorded as a graded course, nor will it appear in your transcript.

Is this the same thing as the New Student Orientation (NSO)?

No. The NSO is a separate orientation designed for new Owens students. All degree or certificate-seeking students with less than 9 credit hours of transfer courses are required to take face-to-face New Student Orientation prior to meeting with an advisor and registering for classes.

What do I do once I log into Blackboard?

On your Bb welcome page, you will see a short description of the Web Preparation Course with a link to self-enroll into the Web Course Preparation. Once you self-enroll and enter the course, you will see will be step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

Is there an Instructor in the Web Prep Requirement?

No, but the e-Learning Office monitors the discussion board where you can post questions.

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

No. You can take as long as you’d like to complete the course.

I’ve already taken web courses at other colleges. Do I still need to do this?

If you have taken web courses and have already used Blackboard, you may not need the Web Prep Course. but there is some information that is unique to Owens Community College.

Who can I contact for support?

For technical support, please contact the Owens Help Desk at helpdesk@owens.edu.
If you have other questions about the Web Course Prep Requirement or content, please call (567) 661-7988.