2024 Passages Juried High School Art Show

Owens Community College

Passages, Owens Community College

Exhibition Display Dates:
February 2 – March 29, 2024

passages gold 9 grade
passages gold 9 grade
passages Haggerton
passages Haggerton
passages Dzierwa
passages Dzierwa
passages Rodriguez
passages Rodriguez
passages Ramirez
passages Ramirez

About the Show

Owens Community College’s Center for Fine and Performing Arts Department invite local High School Student Artists to enter their work in our High School Juried Art Show titled “Passages.”

The exhibition will take place in the Rotunda of the Center for Fine and Performing Arts Building on the Owens Community College Campus.

This is an opportunity for High School Student Artists in the community to participate in a juried art exhibit and to win Owens Community College Merit Scholarships.

“Passages” is open to high school students working in Fine Art, Photography, Commercial Art, Video and Animation.

The Visual Arts faculty of Owens Community College will jury the exhibit and prizes will be awarded at the opening reception.

2024 Passages Award Winners

Merit Award Winners

  • Tristen Haggerton – Pike-Delta-York High School
    • Artwork Title: Conflict
  • J. Ramirez – St. John’s Jesuit
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1
  • Jude Dzierwa – John’s Jesuit
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1

Gold Awards

  • Jude Dzierwa
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1
  • Tristen Haggerton
    • Artwork Title: Conflict
  • J. Ramirez
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1
  • Hazel Rodriguez-Pate
    • Artwork Title: Piggy Steps
  • Iris Weisstein
    • Artwork Title: A Poet’s Flame

Silver Awards

  • Maleah Crow
    • Artwork Title: Inner Cowboy
  • Ava George
    • Artwork Title: Divine
  • Brooke Johnston
    • Artwork Title: Lemonade
  • Gabriel Khoury
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 2
  • Georgia Ray
    • Artwork Title: Still Pulling Pieces Together
  • Hope Riehl
    • Artwork Title: Spiral
  • Anthony Rodriguez
    • Artwork Title: Grand Canyon Pointillism

Bronze Awards

  • Aidan Autullo
    • Artwork Title: Droplets
  • Gabriel Burton
    • Artwork Title: Band Trip
  • Jaden Collins
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1
  • Tristen Haggerton
    • Artwork Title: Face Study
  • Dontrell Heard
    • Artwork Title: The Insides of Nature
  • Nathan Huntley
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 2
  • Kylie Niedzwiecki
    • Artwork Title: This is Me
  • Hope Riehl
    • Artwork Title: Compressed
  • Alexa Shine
    • Artwork Title: On the Horizon
  • Reagan Smith
    • Artwork Title: Bubbly Tongue

Honorable Mentions

  • Taqwa Arif
    • Artwork Title: Leisure
  • Eleanor Boroff
    • Artwork Title: Kitty
  • Corinne Croy
    • Artwork Title: Spilled Paint
  • Tyler Glaze
    • Artwork Title: Untitled 1
  • Claire Killian
    • Artwork Title: Garden Sunset
  • Mariah Lopez
    • Artwork Title: Girl on Slide
  • Axel Mahan
    • Artwork Title: A Final Toast
  • Dakota March
    • Artwork Title: Spiders Home
  • Amiee Martinez
    • Artwork Title: Standout!
  • Faith McCully
    • Artwork Title: White Vans
  • Alyssandra Ward
    • Artwork Title: Am I Your Muse?