Walkway over Oregon Rd, Graduating Students, Students using computers in the Fireside

Board of Trustees

H. Richard Rowe

As Chair of the Board of Trustees, our purpose is to serve and advocate for the mission of Owens Community College, including strengthening access and seeing that the College is the first choice for higher education in our communities. We represent our communities and our support of the College is essential, as students learn, graduate and are prepared to enter the global market or transfer to universities.

Students choose Owens Community College for the home advantage of engaging faculty, advance technology and hands-on experiences. We are committed to working with leaders in our state and our communities to invest resources for the greater benefit of our students because the majority of our graduates stay and work in our communities. I applaud the Owens Foundation and the Alumni Association Boards of Directors for raising funds for scholarships and programs, while making a real “here and now” difference in the lives of our students.

I am inspired by Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard Business School, who talks about creating an environment that allows each of us to produce and provide value every day of our lives. To this end, the College seeks to collaborate with leaders in education, business and industry so that we may build pathways for students and workers. On the home front, faculty and staff hone their skills, expertise and best practices through professional development and continuing education. At Owens, our students are future-minded; they value their education for the purpose that it gives their lives and the prosperity that it brings to their families and communities.

Your success is our mission.

Rich Rowe
Chair, Board of Trustees