New Students

A New Student is a student who is attending college for the first time.

The following admission steps should be completed before meeting with your advisor.

Semester Checklist

  • Check Omail, Ozone, and Blackboard announcements daily for information about campus events, important dates, and student organizations.
  • Check your Ozone account for any outstanding holds that could prevent registration.
    • Ozone > Registration Card > View Holds
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss major, course selection and registration.
    • Pre -health students should meet with their advisor at least once a semester to review admission requirements.
  • Meet with your Student Financial Services Advisor to discuss financial obligations.
  • Register for classes through your Ozone account.
  • View your class schedule to be sure your registration is correct.
    • Ozone > Registration Card > Class schedule by semester
  • Obtain any necessary books and supplies.

Credit Hour Recommendations

A full-time student is someone who is taking at least 12 credit hours in a semester.

  • Taking 12 or more credit hours  is considered full-time, any less is part-time
  • Students taking up to 18 credit hours my web register online
  • Taking 19 to 20 credit hours requires an Academic Advisor’s approval
  • Taking 21 or more requires the Dean’s approval
  • One credit equals one hour in class. For every hour a student is in class, plan for at least 2 hours of study time per week. For example: If a student is in a 3 credit hour class, he/she should plan to spend at least 6 hours per week studying for this class.

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