Registration (Add/Drop Class) Instructions

How to Register for Classes Online

Watch the online web registration tutorial below.

Logging In

  1. Go to Ozone (this link opens a new browser window so you can refer back to these instructions).
  2. Enter your User Name and Password in the Log in box.
  3. Click on Academic Info.
  4. Click on Add/Drop Classes.
  5. Select a term from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Submit.

Selecting Your Classes

  1. Click on Add/Drop Classes from the Registration & Schedule list.
  2. Read the registration terms and responsibility disclosures. Click on the “Agree” button to continue the registration process. If you do not agree and/or understand any of the terms or your responsibilities regarding registration then click the “Ask Later” button. By clicking the “Ask Later” button you will not be allowed to continue the registration process.
  3. Enter the CRN’s (Course Request Numbers) that corresponds to the courses you would like to take. You can search for classes by clicking on class search located at bottom of the page.
    1. Select the class by clicking in the box next to the CRN and enter. This will return you to the add/drop classes. Continue the process until you have entered all your classes.
      Note: Some courses have a lecture/lab or lecture/lab/recitation combination. For these associated course combinations, you must put in the CRN for all related sections.
  4. Once you have entered all your CRN’s, click on submit changes. If you experience an error refer to registration error messages below.
  5. Click the Log out icon when you are finished to protect your privacy.

How to Register by Mail-in or by Fax

By Mail

Adding/Dropping a course by mail is available to all students. Completed Registration Add and Drop Forms may be sent to Oserve at Owens Community College, P.O. Box 10,000, Toledo, OH 43699-1947. Mail-in Registration Add and Drop Forms will only be processed prior to the published deadlines.

By Fax

Adding/Dropping a course by fax is available to all students. Completed Registration Add and Drop Forms may be faxed to Oserve at (567) 661-7414. Faxed in Registration Add and Drop Forms will only be processed during the published deadline.

Confirmation of schedule changes can be obtain through the student Ozone account. Forms will be processed on the date received during business hours. Forms received after business hours will be processed the next business day, which could affect deadline dates and refunds.


In Person Adding/Dropping Courses

In person adding/dropping of course is available in the Oserve office.

A $50 late registration fee will be assessed to students who complete initial registration during the late registration period. Review registration dates.

Once a student has registered for courses, they may make changes to their schedule by the published deadline. Students may choose from any of the following add/drop methods: online, mail-in, fax or in person at Oserve during the add/drop periods.

Owens allows students to add a course to their schedules during the published add dates/deadlines. This procedure gives students some flexibility to adjust their schedule.

Dropping Classes
Owens gives students an opportunity to drop a course or all courses without academic penalty provided that the courses are dropped before the last date/deadline to drop.

Students will not be dropped from a class simply because they stop attending. Students must officially drop the course by the posted deadline. Dropping courses is the student’s responsibility; it is also the student’s responsibility to be aware of the published add/drop dates. Remember, students have not officially dropped a class unless the student has submitted the proper form to Oserve and received confirmation or dropped the course via Ozone. Completed Registration Add and Drop Forms may be submitted to Oserve by fax, mail or in person by visiting Oserve.