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Responding to Students in Distress

Many college students experience challenges related to academics, finances, transportation, family, relationships, and physical and mental illness. A majority of the time they are able to successfully manage the challenges and demands of college life, but for some students these challenges become overwhelming and unmanageable on their own.

Owens Community College is committed to promoting the well-being and safety of its community members and the integrity of its learning process. Faculty and staff members have a unique role in that they may witness or become aware of a student in distress in the classroom, in their office environment, or in their workplace on campus. The expression of concern and support a faculty or staff member may provide to a student could make a critical difference in their academic career and personal life, and may dramatically impact the manner with which a situation is brought to resolution.

If you encounter a student in crisis, experience a student in distress, or observe a student that is threatening danger to self or others, please refer to the Distressed Student Response Guides below. The response guide will assist you in determining the most appropriate referral source. If you have questions with regard to responding to students in distress, please contact Danielle Filipchuk at (567) 661-7970 or John Betori, Chief of Police, at (567) 661-7575.

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