Mammography Certificate

Take the next step in radiography with a certificate in mammography.

Are you interested in advancing your career in Radiography? Are you detail-oriented? Are you interested in a modality that provides a work-life balance with greater control over your hours?

Mammography is a high-demand field that seeks radiographers with compassion and empathy to work with patients and physicians to perform detailed images.

What does a mammographer do?

Mammographers create diagnostic images using advanced imaging techniques for interpretation.

They also prepare for and assist the radiologist in the completion of imaging examinations including tissue biopsies and fluid drainages.

Mammographers maintain a high degree of accuracy in positioning and exposure techniques.

They demonstrate an understanding of physics, anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, radiation protection and safety.

Mammographers remain sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of the patient through good communication, patient assessment, patient monitoring and patient care skills.

They must use professional and ethical judgment and critical thinking while performing their duties.

About the certificate.

The Mammography certificate program consists of two courses. There is one online course, MIT 256, which provides the lecture material required by the ARRT.

There is a clinical course, MIT 257, to provide the opportunity to earn the required competencies to sit for the ARRT Mammography certification examination.

Some students may able to earn these competencies at their place of employment.

For more information check out our Mammography FAQ’s or our catalog page.

To be accepted for this certificate, you must hold a current ARRT registration in radiography or currently be a second-year radiography student.

Make sure to look through class requirements to participate in the Mammography Certificate.