Pre-Dental Hygiene Concentration

Dental Hygiene

This concentration is for you if you plan on applying for admission to the Owens Dental Hygiene program. It is important to regularly meet with your advisor. If you complete this concentration you can also pursue transfer options into bachelor programs not related to dental hygiene.

The Dental Hygiene program at Owens Community College may be the career path for you if you like to work with your hands. You have great fine motor skills and are meticulous. You don’t shy away from a challenge and you like hard work. You love to learn, practice, and study. You take care of your teeth, your body, and your health. You practice what you preach and empower others to do the same. Learn more about the Dental Hygiene program. >>

The Dental Hygiene faculty members are prepared and eager to help you begin a successful career as a dental hygienist!
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