Exercise Science Certified Personal Trainer Certificate

Exercise Science

Do you enjoy exercising? Do you like to help people? Do you have lots of energy? If so, becoming a personal trainer may be the career for you.

About the Program

This certificate program is designed to prepare students to pass the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certified Personal Trainer exam.  The National Strength and Conditioning Association is recognized as one of the top certifying organizations among health and fitness professionals.

This program will prepare students to assess, motivate, educate and develop safe and effective exercise programs to meet the health and fitness needs of clients.

Credits earned in this two-semester certificate may be applied toward the Exercise Science, AS program if the student wishes to pursue a guided pathway for progression toward a transfer degree. Owens Community College offers an on and off-campus directed practice experience that provides 98 hours of professional and hands-on lab and community engagement opportunities to provide active learning to our students.  For more information on the directed practice expectations, please contact the program facilitator.

Career and Job Information

There’s a lot more to it than knowing how to use exercise equipment. Good trainers are motivators by nature and will push their clients to achieve their goals within safe parameters as well as celebrate their successes.

Students generally have a sports background and/or have a strong passion for exercise. Students who opt for the certificate rather than the associate degree typically wish to get into the workforce as soon as possible and do not have a desire to further their education in the near future.

Personal trainers commonly work one-on-one with an individual. A personal trainer can be an independent contractor where they go to their clients’ homes or can be employed by a corporate wellness facility, a for-profit fitness facility, or a non-profit such as a YMCA.

Contact Us

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Jami Williamson
Program/Certificate Facilitator
Bicentennial Hall 170 (567) 661-2108 jami_williamson@owens.edu
Barbara Seguine
Health Technologies 525 (567) 661-7415 barbara_seguine@owens.edu
Catherine Ford
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