First Solar Business Testimonial

For some time now First Solar and Owens Community College have had a nice connection. Proximity was the general driving point of this and many of our associates attended classes to further their education and raise their technical skill level. Over the past 2 years that connection has become a relationship thanks to the intern program developed by Owens Community College.

First Solar has now taken on seven OCC interns and the program has been a wonderful success. The interns have worked in roles with our office manager, CAD team and operations engineering team. While internships are inherently about the learning experience for the student, the program with OCC has provided something more for First Solar. The students that have joined us have not only learned a great deal but they provided great value to us.

Over the course of the past two years we have seen students from Owens Community College come in prepared to take on whatever challenges were tossed at them and take them on with a great attitude geared towards learning. From an education and skill standpoint the students have been prepared and well trained even though they still had not completed their education at the point in which they joined us.

There can be no greater proof of this skill level than the fact that two of those interns now work for First Solar and another was kept on for an extended period after her internship ended. The managers here at First Solar just raved about the skill, attitude and professionalism of the interns that worked for them.

The final piece of this puzzle was managing the Ohio Means Interns Grant money and reimbursement program. Working with Dr. Reti Shutina has been a pleasure, as she works very hard to simplify the process and provide us with the right students that fit out needs. What has also been simplistic is the process of getting our reimbursement thanks again to Dr. Shutina.

On a whole, the entirety of the intern program with Owens Community College has been a wonderful, rewarding and value added endeavor. First Solar has been able to provide great learning experiences for the students and Owens Community College has provided talented and dedicated students. We are thankful that this relationship has evolved and grown and we look forward to continuing it for many years to come.

Jay A. Lake, Manager, Workforce Development and Community Relations PBG Site 
First Solar