Open Internship Positions

How to Find an Internship Position

The STEM Internship Office can help facilitate the placement of students in internships related to their major. The existing positions are listed on this website. The positions that are posted are paid internships. Please note the STEM Internship Office cannot guarantee an internship for each interested student, but will work to assist all students. Please review the positions listed below under Open Internship Positions.

Open Internship Positions

Students are encouraged to apply for positions at least 3-4 weeks before the semester starts to ensure that they have a position no later than the first week after the semester’s start date. Please have a current resume ready to help speed up the process.

Fall 2021

Easton Enterpises

Robotics/Controls Internship

Hancock County Engineers

Engineering Internship

GT Technologies

Engineering Internship

Abco Services


Haas Door

Engineering Internship

Troy Energy

Industrial Fluid Managment

Environmental Internship