Student Testimonials

I had a great internship experience, which has led to a full time job upon my graduation and has also lead to me taking my water treatment operator test in late July. I was treated very well and they were very flexible with my school schedule and the hours I worked.

Melissa Russell

Environmental Science Major

Student Intern at Whiteford Township Water Plant Spring 2020

Melissa Russell, Environmental Science Major

I have found a new respect for GIS coordinators and Database Management. It has really gotten me interested in pursuing a career in Databases. Seeing the process involved made me excited to learn more during this semester in my SQL class. Those two elements both mixed and now I’m learning about the different databases in my free time.

Tivis Slone

Computer Programming Technology

I really enjoyed this internship. The money was great, and I got first-hand experience of what I could be doing post-graduation. My skillset in programming increased and I was exposed to so many web design tools this semester. The people I worked with were impressed enough to offer me other internships and contact information. I feel fairly confident that I can land a job, once I get my degree.

Coty Crosby

Computer Programming Technology

I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn through Owens STEM internship program.

Stefania Czech

Environmental Science
Standard Wellness, LLC intern
Fall Semester 2019

Stefania Czech