Employer Responsibilities

Thank you for partnering with Owens Community College. We appreciate your contribution in providing a quality experience for our students while offering them the opportunity to gain real-world experience at your organization. This internship program is a partnership between you, the employer, the participating student intern, and Owens Community College. As with any successful partnership, the responsibility rests with each party’s understanding of their role and responsibilities and carrying out their obligations.

Listed below are the employer’s responsibilities:

To increase the student’s productivity and facilitate learning, it is recommended that employers:

  • Provide a written job description (including specifics such as job title, duties/responsibilities, salary (if applicable), and GPA requirements) no later than the final day to register or add a course as listed on the campus calendar.
  • Agree to execute the learning agreement signed by the student, the employer and Owens Community College.
  • Be an equal opportunity employer and treat student interns as they would their own employees
  • Provide the student with an orientation to the company (mission, structure, operations, physical layout, and relevant personnel), as well as to the company’s policies and procedures (appropriate dress code, safety practices, etc.)
  • Assign an immediate supervisor/mentor who will outline the duties or tasks expected during the work term, supervise, evaluate, and provide constructive feedback to the student for the duration of the internship term
  • Prepare the student’s co-workers and other staff for the arrival of the student.
  • Communicate clearly the expectations of the student and ensure that the student understands his/her role within the organization and the scope of his/her responsibilities.
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities that are consistent with the student intern’s role in the company and take into account students learning objectives as outlined in the Internship Learning Agreement form. Most of the responsibilities should be major-related to allow realistic exposure to career experiences in the student’s chosen academic major.
  • Discuss with the student their learning objectives and how they can be incorporated in the work assignment(s).
  • Consider assigning the student a project which s/he is expected to complete and for which s/he will be primarily responsible.
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis to give direction and feedback throughout the internship period.
  • Provide written evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the term.
  • Contact the STEM internship program for clarification on any relevant issue or to raise concerns regarding the student intern’s learning and performance.
  • Provide the faculty coordinator with all requested information including student duties and responsibilities and internship evaluations.
  • Allow site-visits by an Owens staff member.
  • Advise students of any issues of confidentiality and have them sign a confidentiality form if necessary.

All placements and work arrangements require prior approval by the STEM Internship Office.