Business Testimonials

We had an opportunity for an Owens environmental science intern to work and learn in our Environmental Services department during the Spring 2022 semester. Pete Kowal was very helpful in helping to identify the right student and guiding us through a successful placement. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the student, who came prepared to apply their learning and assess the career for their future, all the while assisting our environmental consultants in their day-to-day work. We hope to have future opportunities for Owens interns and appreciate very much how the students come prepared for success. Thank you, Pete, and Owens Community College!
TTL Associates, Inc

Colleen Neidert

Human Resources Manager

TTL Associates, Inc.

(419) 214-5010

The student interns from Owens Community College, that worked at the Whiteford Water Treatment Plant, were excellent. They were eager to learn the operation of our plant and to get a start in their industry. They quickly became effective and efficient at the operation of the plant. We appreciated their reliability and commitment to the industry and their career.

Whiteford Township Water Treatment Plant logo

Robert E. Dandron, P.E.


Whiteford Township Water Treatment Plant

(734) 347-0139

For some time now First Solar and Owens Community College have had a nice connection. Proximity was the general driving point of this and many of our associates attended classes to further their education and raise their technical skill level. Over the past 2 years that connection has become a relationship thanks to the intern program developed by Owens Community College… READ MORE

Jay A. Lake

Manager, Workforce Development and Community Relations PBG Site

First Solar

As always, Owens did not disappoint (I am also an Owens graduate from a long time ago and had a great experience, so I may be biased)… Being a small business, we may not have considered an intern due to the cost, but the grant helped motivate us to give it a try. Every little bit helps and we are happy for the help the grant has provided.


Chris Grieser


Pride Gage Associates, LLC

Our Internship Perspective:

Standard Wellness is committed to providing a learning experience to students that are interested in the cannabis industry. The purpose of our internship program is to assist with career development by providing real world experiences to grow professional skills and competencies.

Owen’s Community College is committed to understanding the needs of our business to provide us with the best Internship candidates. Pete Kowal visited the job site prior to any interns being placed with our company to learn what it is we do and to ensure that it was a safe environment for students to learn. We look forward to a long, positive partnership with Owen’s Community College.

Michelle Lahman

HR & Compliance Manager

Standard Wellness Company, LLC