Transfer Out

Steps to Transfer

1  Select a Transfer Program

*If you are unsure about a transfer program, talk with your Owens Academic Advisor or a Career & Transfer Services Advisor about taking Ohio Transfer 36 general education courses.

*If you are looking to take only a course or two at Owens and transfer back to your home institution, you are considered a Transient/Visiting Student. View our transient student admissions and registration process here.

2 Choose a Transfer Institution

  • Consider factors such as: your desired major, location, size, support services, learning opportunities (internships, research, program/class format (ex. online, in-person, evening/weekend)
  • Investigate Express Programs
  • Explore college websites
  • Attend the Owens Transfer Fair to gather information about colleges from transfer representatives

*If you know what major you want to pursue but are unsure about which transfer institution, talk with your Owens Academic Advisor about taking Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) courses.

3  Meet with Transfer Representative at Your Desired Institution

  • Schedule appointment
  • Ask about transferable courses
  • Inquire about the application process, timeline and scholarships
  • Apply for admission at your transfer institution at least one semester before you plan to transfer
  • Meet with your Owens Academic Advisor to discuss Owens degree requirements

4 Complete your Transfer

  • Apply for graduation at Owens via Ozone on the Education Planning card
  • Request Owens transcript be sent to transfer institution using the Request Official Transcript link in Ozone on the Student Information card