Transfer Out

Steps to Transfer

Number One  Select a Transfer Program

*If you are unsure about a transfer program, talk with your Owens Academic Advisor or a Career & Transfer Services Advisor about taking Ohio Transfer 36 general education courses.

*If you are looking to take only a course or two at Owens and transfer back to your home institution, you are considered a Transient/Visiting Student. View our transient student admissions and registration process here.

Number Two  Choose a Transfer Institution

  • Consider factors such as: your desired major, location, size, support services, learning opportunities (internships, research, program/class format (ex. online, in-person, evening/weekend)
  • Investigate Express Programs
  • Explore college websites
  • Attend the Owens Transfer Fair to gather information about colleges from transfer representatives

*If you know what major you want to pursue but are unsure about which transfer institution, talk with your Owens Academic Advisor about taking Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) courses.

Number Three  Meet with Transfer Representative at Your Desired Institution

  • Schedule appointment
  • Ask about transferable courses
  • Inquire about the application process, timeline and scholarships
  • Apply for admission at your transfer institution at least one semester before you plan to transfer
  • Meet with your Owens Academic Advisor to discuss Owens degree requirements

Number Four  Complete your Transfer

  • Apply for graduation at Owens via Ozone on the Education Planning card
  • Request Owens transcript be sent to transfer institution using the Request Official Transcript link in Ozone on the Student Information card