Fire Safety on Campus

In case of Fire/Smoke or Fire Alarm:


Call 9-1-1 or

The Department of Public Safety at (567) 661-7575

  1. Leave the building – pull a fire alarm on the way out. View evacuation maps. >>
  2. Use the stairs – NOT the elevator.
  3. Alert others – as you leave; provide assistance if you can.
  4. Go to a designated outside assembly point – find your supervisor (employees) or instructor (students).  Move if your pre-determined assembly point becomes unsafe.
  5. Alert first responders – if you believe someone is still in the building.
Do NOT stop to fight a fire – fire extinguishers are to aid in the process of evacuation.
Do NOT return until given the “all clear” by DPS or the Fire Department.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Try to close doors and windows as you are leaving the building.
  • When evacuating try to avoid breathing smoke.
  • Try to stay as close to the floor as possible when leaving; crawl if necessary/possible.
  • If unable to evacuate; close doors and windows in your area and plug gaps where smoke may come in.
  • Remain calm.

Have a Plan:

  • Know multiple exits in your area in case one becomes unsafe to use. View evacuation maps. >>
  • Know your location in case you cannot evacuate; give this information to the dispatcher.
  • Program the Department of Public Safety (DPS) phone number into your cell phone in case of emergencies:  (567) 661-7575.