Utility Disruptions

In the event of an emergency:

Call 9-1-1 or
The Department of Public Safety at (567) 661-7575

In case of a power outage on campus:

  • Remain calm and offer assistance if you can.
  • Move to areas of natural light in the event power is restored quickly.
    • In areas with poor natural light, evacuate promptly.
  • Move to the nearest exit if necessary; do not panic or push others while exiting.
  • Laboratory personnel should secure all experiments and unplug electrical equipment before evacuating.
    • All chemicals should be stored in their original locations.
    • Provide natural ventilation by opening all windows and doors.
    • If this is not possible or natural ventilation is inadequate, evacuate the laboratory until power is returned.
  • Do not use candles or other types of flame for lighting.
  • Turn off equipment and turn off light switches if possible.
  • Emergency lighting for exit pathways will function for 15 – 90 minutes following a power outage.
  • Follow the direction of Department of Public Safety personnel or their designees.