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Safety Topic:  Hazard Communication and COVID-19


As we clean and disinfect our work areas, it is important to know about the chemicals being used.  Are there any hazards to using them? Are they effective against COVID-19? Do they react with other cleaning solutions in the area? Here are some resources to help you answer those questions:

Safety Data Sheets – usually supplied by the manufacturer, it will give you information on the hazards associated with the chemical. This is where you will find out what precautions are necessary and how hazardous the chemical is.

EPA List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus – a good way to find if the product you wish to use is effective against Coronavirus.


Once you have determined if your chemical is effective, check the Safety Data Sheet to see how hazardous it is.  There are many chemicals on the EPA List N that pose fewer hazards than others.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for use

For more information on Safety Data Sheets: OSHA Quick Card


Remember: Mask Up, Wash Up, and Back Up!