Student & Alumni Employment Registration Instructions

All students and alumni are eligible to use the Owens online job board after completing the following registration process through a site specially designed by College Central Network.

  • Go to:
  • Select the Student or Alumni icon.
  • Click on the Create Account link.
  • Enter your OCID Number as your User ID, create a Password that you will remember.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Complete all requested information on the registration form.
  • Choose if you would like to receive job information from CCN and/or Career Services based on my preferences and qualifications.
  • Be sure to upload or create a resume (see instructions below). Many jobs require a resume to apply and employers can do resume searches for qualified candidates.

Job Search

  • From your homepage, select Search Postings to My School,  enter criteria specific to the type of job you are seeking, and then Begin Search.  You may also Search over 500,000 jobs, our national jobs database. Note: When conducting a job search using CCN, be aware that by selecting several search criteria you are narrowing your search.  It is a good idea to conduct a focused search, but also try searching using different criteria.
  • To monitor your job search, select My Job Search History from your homepage.
  • Review the Media Library to get additional job search tips and company info.

Resume Entry

  • Resume Upload is on your homepage, in the My Resume section.
  • Resumes will be reviewed by Career and Transfer Services. Once approved, they will be live on website.
  • Acceptable formats are listed. If you do not upload a resume, employers will not be able to find you when they search for candidates and you may miss out on opportunities.
  • Resumes not updated after 18 months may be purged from the database.

Additional Features

  • Job Agent — Receive alerts at the top of your home page based on your profile information
  • Events & Programs — Upcoming events that you may want to participate in
  • College Central Podcasts
  • Job Search Kit — Job search advice
  • Career Document Library — Career exploration information
  • Job Search Advice — Informational articles and videos to assist you with your job search

* You can visit the Website 24/7. To login, after selecting the Student or Alumni icon from the homepage, enter your User ID and Password. It is imperative to keep your info updated.