Owens Honors Graduates

Helen Dilworth, Owens Honors Student

The Honors Program gave me the extra incentive to dig a little deeper in my studies. As a result, I was the recipient of several scholarship awards and when I transferred to Lourdes, I was awarded a major scholarship! Thanks, Honors Program!

Helen Dilworth

Owens Honors Student

Kozait Elkhatib, Owens Honors Student

When I joined the Honors Program, I realized that academic achievement and high grades are a bridge to bigger opportunities, not just a degree. Here, you can make a difference, inspire and share something you are passionate about while learning what your colleagues are passionate about too.

Kozait Elkhatib

Owens Honors Student

Yvette Stephens, Owens Honors Student

What I appreciate most about the Honors Program is the freedom of expression and the opportunities. The Honors advisors work with you to create the best opportunities to channel your creativity and feel good about the outcome.

Yvette Stephens

Owens Honors Student

Andrew Whitcomb, Owens Honors Student

The Honors Program taught me that no matter how insurmountable the task, there is always a way to complete it; you just have to hunker down.

Andrew Whitcomb

Owens Honors Student