Residency Information

Residency Status Information

The residency status of each student determines tuition surcharges (in-state or out-of-state).

  • The residency status of each student is determined during the admissions process.
  • This decision is revocable; students must appeal through the residency review process.

Residency Information for Out of State Students

Petition for Change to Ohio Residency Status

Spring April 15*
Summer July 15*
Fall November 15*
*Next business day if date falls on weekend or holiday

Students not considered residents of the State of Ohio are charged out-of-state rates in accordance with the Ohio Department of Higher Education Residency Rule 3333-1-10 and the College Residency Determination Policy. There are occasions when students may be eligible for in-state rates.

To be considered for in-state rates, a Petition for Change to Ohio Residency Status must be filed by the posted deadline above. To see what category you may be eligible for and what documentation is required, please click on Residency Categories. The completed petition will be reviewed through the residency review process for final determination by the residency officer.

Indiana Residents Reciprocity

A reciprocity agreement between Owens and Indiana Commission for Higher Education enables Indiana residents to attend Owens at the in-state tuition fee rates for the following majors:

  • John Deere Tech Major
  • Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program

Indiana residents attending Owens must apply for reciprocity in order to be eligible to participate. To be considered for Indiana Reciprocity Status and in-state rates, a Petition for Indiana Resident Reciprocity Fee Exemption must be filed by the posted deadline above.

Selective Service Registration

The Ohio Legislature has enacted a law requiring students to register for Selective Service in order to be eligible for certain benefits. Owens and other public-assisted institutions are required to certify eligible registrations to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Under Federal Law male students between ages 18 and 26 must register for Selective Service. Failure to do so will result in the College charging out-of-state rates. In addition, students not registered for Selective Service may be ineligible for financial aid. To register, go to the Selective Service System Website, call (847) 688-6888 or visit your nearest post office.

International (Not F-1)

Most non-U.S. citizens who wish to study in the United States will seek an F-1 (non-immigrant) student visa, but there are other visa types that are sometimes authorized for those who study in the U.S. Here is a short description of the different visa types that involve study:

  • J-1, or Exchange Visitor: This visa is for people who will be participating in an exchange visitor program in the U.S. The “J” visa is for educational and cultural exchange programs.
  • M-1, or Student Visa: This visa is for those who will be engaged in non-academic or vocational study or training at an institution in the U.S.

More information for International Students wanting to study in the United States can be found at