Bee Campus USA

Bee Campus USA
The Owens Toledo-area Campus joins the Findlay-area Campus as being a certified affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program. The campuses account for 40% of designated colleges in Ohio.

As a certified Bee Campus, Owens is committed to creating pollinator habitats and providing nesting sites as well as reducing the use of pesticides. We will also continue educating the community about pollinator conservation and what roles they can play.

Owens, as a certified Bee Campus, can help save up to 40% of pollinator species at risk of extinction in the coming years due to habitat loss, pesticides, disease and climate change.


  • Pollinators enable the reproduction of over 85% of all flowering plants and 67% of agricultural crops.
  • The Bee Campus USA program works to help sustain more than 3,600 species of native bees throughout the country.