Service Learning

Service Learning Goals:

  • To increase academic retention through involvement with community service.
  • To encourage student citizenship on campus and off campus.
  • To develop student leaders who can support, mentor and model success for first year Owens students.
  • To develop sustainable and mutually beneficial community partnerships with local agencies.
  • To support scholarship and increase opportunities for professional recognition and reward for students and faculty.
  • To extend campus resources into the community and reinforce the value of engagement.

Student Testimonials:

“Through service learning, I found out how to be a good citizen and how to build a strong community.”

“In my service learning class, I was exposed to people and places that taught me about the real world. In the classroom I wouldn’t have had that experience.”

“This experience taught me that I have something to offer. I may not have money to give. But I have time and volunteering helps me learn.”

“I learned I’m a good person.”

“It was hard but I’m so grateful that service was part of my learning experience.”

For More Information

For more information about academic service learning, please contact Krista Kiessling, Director Campus and Community Connections,, (567) 661-2275.

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