Timely Warnings and Public Safety Alerts

Below are lists for both campuses of the Timely Warnings and Public Safety Alerts that the Department of Public Safety of Owens Community College have issued.

The Timely Warning is designed to give students, faculty and staff timely notification of a crime that constitutes a danger to the College community. Such information is a valuable tool in heightening safety awareness and obtaining information which may lead to an arrest and conviction of a perpetrator.

The College issues a Timely Warning when a crime is reported to the Department of Public Safety or adjoining law enforcement agency and it is determined that such offense represents a threat to the safety of the College community. Every attempt is made to distribute the alert within 48 hours of the time the incident is reported; however, the release of the crime alert is subject to the availability of facts concerning the incident.

An alert is distributed by email and can also be found at the Owens Community College Department of Public Safety website.