DPS Services

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) offers the following services:

Background Checks/Fingerprint

Building Security

Bike Patrol

Owens Community College Department of Public Safety has been patrolling the campus on mountain bicycles since 1998.

The Department of Public Safety Bicycle Patrol operates on both campuses. The Bike Patrol is composed of personnel who have received training from the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPIMBA) in order to become members of the bike patrol.

The Bike Patrol has proven to be highly beneficial to the interaction between the officers and the community. The officers ride as weather allows from May until late October.

Campus ID Cards

Crime Prevention

Law Enforcement


Call (567) 661-7575 or stop in Alumni Hall.

The Department of Public Safety serves as a repository of campus-wide lost and found items. Items will be held up to a 30-day retention period before being disposed of.

Motorist Assist Program

  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Jumpstarts

Parking Enforcement