Ohio Collaborative Community Report

The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board was formed in 2014 to hold law enforcement accountable to the same standards and instill a greater confidence with the public. As part of the Department of Public Safety’s volunteer participation in the program, the Police Misconduct / Complaint Investigations policy, in conjunction with the Complaint Investigation Handbook, went into effect on March 7, 2019.

On January 4, 2021, the Owens Department of Public Safety (DPS) conducted an annual review of agency practices related to this policy.  In 2020, the department received one citizen’s complaint.  This was investigated and the officer was exonerated.  DPS administration also conducted three professional responsibility investigations.  Two of the complaints were for rules and procedures violations and were sustained.  One complaint was for a rule and procedure violation and the officer was exonerated.  All internal investigations were conducted within established timelines, and in accordance with department policy, College policy and employee contracts.

The Bias Free Policing Policy, in conjunction with a Traffic Enforcement Policy, went into effect January 11, 2019.  As part of this policy, DPS tracks self-initiated traffic and subject stop diversity.  On January 4, 2021, an annual review, which included agency practices, data collected and any citizen concerns related to this policy, was conducted. Data showed DPS did not have any biased-based complaints in calendar year 2020.

The bias-based collected data reflect the following:

  • 65 total self-initiated traffic & subject stops (40-White; 17-Black; 3-Middle Eastern; 4-Hispanic; 1-Asian)
  • 37 males and 28 females were stopped
  • 59 stops resulted in warnings
  • 6 stops resulted in citations (3-White females; 1-Middle Eastern male; 1-Asian female; 1-White male)

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