Emergency Button

Emergency Button on College Telephones

Emergency Button on College Telephones

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing a safe environment for the entire College community.

The ability to efficiently and effectively respond to an emergency is paramount to that commitment. As such, the speed-dial “Emergency Button” is being programmed on every College telephone.

When a button is activated, equipment dedicated solely for this purpose will sound an alert in the DPS Communications Center staffed 24/7/365 and answered by a qualified dispatcher.

A dispatcher will assess each call and initiate an appropriate response protocol. The dispatcher will, without unnecessary delay, send a campus police officer to any disconnected or silent calls.

Any user who activates an Emergency Button should remain on the line and speak to the dispatcher whenever possible, including when the activation is simply an accident.

If an in-progress situation requires a silent activation, the user should remove the receiver from the telephone before pressing the button. This will allow the dispatcher to listen to ambient background sounds and tailor an appropriate response.

All sounds will be recorded by DPS for quick playback and future criminal prosecutions when appropriate.

Proper uses of the Emergency Button:

  • Real or perceived threatening behavior
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire or smoke
  • Other emergencies

For non-emergencies, call DPS at Ext. 7575 for assistance.
Do not use the Emergency Button for:

  • Door unlocks
  • Motorist assists
  • Past-offense crime reports