Traffic Violations and Fines

Parking citations may be paid at the Department of Public Safety Office or online through your student account. Fines are listed below.

Traffic Violations Fine
Illegally parked in an accessible space


Failure to display accessible permit


Parked in front of drive or delivery area


Parked or driving on grass or landscaped area


Parked in a crosswalk or curb set


Parked outside lines or double parked


Failure to observe posted parking restrictions


Expired Parking Meter




After 30 days a late fee of $30.00 will be added and at 60 days an additional $30.00 collection fee will be added. Unpaid citations will be forwarded to the Ohio State Attorney Generals’ office for collection.

All fees incurred by Owens Community College in the collection of this citation will be charged to the vehicle owner. You are responsible to pay interest and fees as permitted under Ohio Law as established by the Ohio Attorney General in addition to all collection expenses incurred by Owens Community College in the collection of this debt or any part of it.

Once a student’s account is certified to the Ohio Attorney General’s office the student will no longer be eligible for approval of his/her waiver of a parking citation.

For accounts certified to the Ohio Attorney General the student should contact the Ohio Attorney General Collections Enforcement at 1-888-665-5440.

Citation Appeals

Citation appeals can ONLY be made through the Ticket Waiver Request Form and submitted to the Department of Public Safety Office. The appeal must be received within 30 days of receiving the citation.

Requesting a waiver does not automatically cancel the citation. A email response will be given within 5-7 business days.

Transportation on Campus

View our Owens Shuttle webpage for map routes and schedules.